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“Hank Shreve has been a regular feature at Waterfront Blues Festival since he was in his a featured soloist with Bill Rhoades’ annual Harmonica Blow-off, and last year with the Paul deLay Tribute. There’s no harmonica player on the planet that has as nuanced an understanding of deLay’s harmonica work, and no-one has ever come closer to recreating that tone and phrasing. Though a brilliant harmonica player, Hank is equally stunning on piano and, lap steel...” -Waterfront Blues Festival 2018

"Eugene, Oregon, multi-instrumentalist and singer, Hank Shreve, is primarily known as a stellar harmonica player and fine singer... " 

January 4, 2019 by Rhys Williams BlueBlast Magazine


"Having watched Hank Shreve for at least a decade and a half, his skills have been obvious. First as a harmonica player progressing into a sensational vocalist, drummer, keyboardist, lap steel player . . . I am under the impression that he can probably master anything he puts his hands and mind to..."   Greg Johnson CBA

HANK SHREVE BAND      Loosen UP      2015

"The Pacific Northwest doesn’t usually come to mind as a hotbed of the blues. Hank Shreve and his band could easily dispel that notion.." 
Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony Blues Blast Magazine

"The Hank Shreve Band’s new album, Loosen Up, is another big step forward for Hank and the band.  An expansion or widening of the blues genre to include some R&B and a taste of rock ‘n’ roll highlights this album..."    

Steve "Boogie King" Spoulus KVRM Eugene


"I had the good fortune of knowing Hank and his musical abilities for a while now. This new album kicks...the band is as tight as a frogs ass and when Hank blows his horn, I feel it from my soul down to my nuts."

  Steve Pringle KINK radio Portland Oregon

HANK SHREVE BAND    I've Had It    2013     Debut Album Nominated for Best Northwest Recording                

"Clearly one of the finest recordings to originate from the Northwest yet this year...Definitely a winning release from a band that is set to bring us all to attention very quickly." Greg Johnson  CBA

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